VimpelCom replaces general counsel Jeffrey McGhie with former Virgin Media GC Scott Dresser

Amsterdam-headquartered telecoms giant VimpelCom has appointed Scott Dresser, formerly at Virgin Media, as its new group general counsel.

VimpelCom confirmed Dresser as the company’s new group general counsel today. He will replace Jeffrey McGhie as general counsel from 1 September.

Dresser moves from his current role as vice president of Global Strategic Initiatives, a global conservation organisation. He had been in that role for 15 months.

He is best known for his role as general counsel at Virgin Media, a post that he held for 18 months before citing “personal reasons” for his departure (2 August 2012).  

Dresser had moved up the ranks to the position at the start of 2011 from the deputy general counsel role (6 January 2011), replacing the retiring Bryan Hall.

Jo Lunder, CEO of VimpelCom, said in a statement that Dresser’s expertise in a wide range of industries, specifically in the US and UK market, would be a valuable asset to the company.

Dresser said he was “looking forward” to working with VimpelCom to address the “different legal and regulatory structures that we have in each country.

Dresser has also been appointed a member of the company’s group executive board and the group management board.

The appointment follows McGhie’s resignation after four years at VimpelCom in April (7 January 2013). McGhie, previously VimpelCom’s group general counsel and chief corporate affairs officer, has agreed to act as an external senior adviser to the company on specific issues.

In August, the company announced a decline in net income to $100m, an 87.54 per cent plummet from $573m the year before. This was reflected in sales, which dropped to $5.07bn.

The company has been working to reduce its debt from $29bn, caused by acquisitions in Italy, Algeria and Asia.