Media disputes

Clients seeking advice in media disputes invariably require robust advice at short notice and, if necessary, the commencement or defence of court proceedings. 

Our experienced team has worked on many high-profile defamation and privacy cases. 

We have a particular expertise in new-media disputes and have been involved in internet-related litigation from the outset. In 2000, we acted for a Japanese architecture firm to trace and establish liability for a series of anonymous, libellous emails, the first such case to reach trial.

We have been active in the groundbreaking Freedom of Information Act acting for journalists, including securing information from the Treasury on the withdrawal of tax credits in the 1997 Budget and from the House of Commons concerning MPs’ expense claims.

Our clients
Our clients include high-profile individuals, publishers, newspaper groups, broadcasters, media and non-media businesses and organisations.

Our services 
We advise on: defamation and privacy, both for publishers/broadcasters seeking to protect their freedom of expression and for individuals and organisations seeking to protect their privacy and reputations, including online; exploiting and resisting information rights, both data subject access rights and freedom-of-information requests of public authorities; copyright and passing-off issues arising from comparative advertising campaigns, spoilers and serialisations; compliance with regulatory codes, including the Ofcom Broadcasting Code; and court reporting, including avoiding restrictions and contempt.

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This information was sourced from the Bates Wells Braithwaite website.