Allen & Overy and Deutsche Bank help 25 students to set up small businesses

Allen & Overy and Deutsche Bank have joined forces on a community project to mentor budding entrepreneurs from a London secondary school, Bethnal Green Academy, to set up their own small businesses.

Through Artbeat, Allen & Overy’s arts and enterprise scheme, 25 business studies students have taken part in a 12-week programme, led by a professional enterprise consultant and supported by Allen & Overy and Deutsche Bank volunteers.

The programme takes the students through the stages of setting up a small business, from market research and business planning to pitching for finance and sales and marketing. It culminated in the students being given ‘pop-up’ market stalls in Spitalfields Market, next door to Allen & Overy’s London office, to sell their products.

The students had a successful day in the market, selling nearly £380 of their Artbeat merchandise. 

As a result of the project, 76 per cent of students felt inspired to be more creative and will look to set up a business in their spare time; 64 per cent of students felt their entrepreneurial skills had improved; and 81 per cent felt more confident.

Artbeat is an arts and enterprise programme run in Allen & Overy’s London and New York offices.