The European Antitrust Review 2014 — Serbia

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The main piece of legislation concerning antitrust matters in Serbia is the Competition Law (2009). The law is modelled after EU competition law and practice, encompassing standard competition law institutes – restrictive agreements and practices, abuse of dominant position and merger control. It also sets out the mandate of the Commission for the Protection of Competition and regulates certain specific procedural rules.

The law was drafted in close co-operation with and under the guidance of the European Commission. For the most part, it is congruent with the key principles of the EU competition law. Together with the Law on General Administrative Procedure, the implementing regulations (nine in total), several guidelines published by the commission, a fee tariff and non-binding opinions issued by the commission regarding specific issues, it represents the legal framework for competition law in Serbia.  Some institutes reveal the influence of the German Competition Act, as a form of tribute to the German experts engaged in renovating the framework from the 2005 Competition Law. As an example, the law features as its definition of ‘dominant position’, a clear translation of its German counterpart…

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