Roythornes improves performance monitoring and business agility with QlikView Business Discovery

Leading solicitors Roythornes has chosen the QlikView Business Discovery platform from IT specialist Informance to help the firm improve the speed and quality of its management information and use business discovery technology to communicate the firm’s key performance indicators (KPI’s) with real impact.

With QlikView, Roythornes is able to analyse its business information accurately and in real-time using a format that is easy for business users to understand.   

Roythornes is one of the largest law firms in the East of England and a leading firm in agricultural law, with particular strengths in property development, the food industry, international work and corporate law.  Prior to QlikView the firm’s reporting systems were based upon a combination of Crystal Reports, Excel and data warehouses and whilst these methods were adequate in terms of periodic reporting they did not provide the firm with a dynamic view of management information or the ability for business users to directly engage in analysis.  The firm also found Excel prone to errors due to the levels of manual intervention required.

Roythornes wanted to improve the quality of its management information and be more proactive in business information analysis so that it could improve accuracy and speed-up its decision making.  It also wanted to greatly reduce the amount of time and effort the firm engaged in the preparation of reports.

After reviewing the business intelligence marketplace, Roythornes selected QlikView Elite Solution Provider Informance to demonstrate a highly compelling QlikView proof-of-concept as part of its ‘Seeing is Believing’ proposition.  Jonathan Swan, Operations & IT Director for Roythornes says:  “The QlikView SiB demonstration not only validated Informance’s credentials to us but also evidenced the speed and sophistication of the QlikView product in a live environment”. He continues: “QlikView was therefore a simple choice for us as it combined a highly performing technology platform with an un-complicated development environment, together with a highly intuitive user experience.  Informance added substantial product knowledge and industry experience of our business needs as a law firm, whilst demonstrating in-depth familiarity with our practice management system”.  

Once selected, Informance installed QlikView dashboards across Roythornes’ property, litigation, commercial, private client and personal injury business functions and the firm now has a rich set of financial dashboards that communicate information within its finance team and heads of department with seriously compelling viewing.  Primarily QlikView is used to monitor the firm’s KPI’s such as:  trends in financial management, sources of business, client feedback, work-type analysis, revenue, work-in-progress, productivity, utilisation, realisation, cash collection, debtors and lock-up. It has also helped address the three key attributes of business information which are: accuracy, timeliness and delivery.  

Jonathan says: “QlikView has far exceeded my expectations, particularly in respect to the speed and ease of deployment and the overall quality of the solution which we have developed with the help of Informance. Information is now available to decision makers in real-time and in a format that they are comfortable with and we have become more proactive in the monitoring of our performance resulting in more agility within the management of our business. He continues:“Informance helped to develop our business intelligence platform and managed an effective skills transfer in a very short amount of time.  The speed with which our QlikView solution came together is evidence of the power and flexibility of the product, but also real credit is due to the expert product knowledge, incisive grasp of complex accounting terminology and exceptional interpersonal skills from the technical consultants at Informance”.  

Jonathan concludes: “I have been very impressed with QlikView and I look forward with genuine excitement to future projects which include using QlikView to support  our reporting and business intelligence requirements in areas such as compliance, business development and the monitoring of our service level agreements”.

About Roythornes

Roythornes LLP has been established for more than 75 years and is now one of the largest law firms in the East of England with 135 staff including 23 partners.  Its clients include major blue-chip companies, family businesses and private individuals either based locally, nationally or internationally.   Its expertise spans the agricultural, property and food sectors and it has one of the strongest commercial/corporate law departments within its region.

About Informance

Informance provides the QlikView Business Discovery platform to law firms, legal departments and patent attorneys who want to improve strategic decision making, operational efficiency and profitability.  QlikView enables firms to extract data from multiple sources all at the same time and answer any question about any area of their business instantly for unprecedented business insight.   In addition to the QlikView software, Informance provides dashboard development, implementation, consultancy, training and support.