Property fraud — don’t become the latest victim

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Property fraud — don’t become the latest victim - .PDF file.

By Rosie Davies

Unfortunately an increasing number of homeowners are finding that they are victims of property fraud. Indeed, one of our clients recently discovered that his identity had been stolen and the fraudster was attempting to sell his £4.4m home without his knowledge; in another case, a client found out that a fraudster was attempting to sell her £7m home for £4.5m without her knowledge. Thankfully these frauds were uncovered before completion took place, but others might not be so lucky.

So, what is property fraud and what can you do to prevent it happening to you?

There are various different types of fraud. For example, a fraudster might use forged documents to try to convince the land registry that he is in fact the owner. He will then either sell the property, or raise a mortgage, and then steal the money…

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