Hogan Lovells and Vodafone prepare to host global mobility programme

Hogan Lovells is set to host its social mobility programme Ladder to Law for the third year running. The programme will include giving students work experience with Vodafone’s in-house legal team.

The initiative is aimed at encouraging access to the legal profession for people from non-traditional backgrounds and involves working with 10 London schools outside the traditional ‘City’ catchment area.

From 19–23 August, a total of 15 students aged between 14 and 17 will take part in a number of initiatives at Hogan Lovells and Vodafone. They will spend three days at Hogan Lovells taking part in a range of personal development workshops, such as learning effective presentation and networking skills, making successful job applications and preparing for university interviews.

A smaller group will then spend two days with Vodafone, shadowing lawyers and taking part in legal workshops in order to gain an in-house legal experience and increase commercial awareness.