FCC enforcement monitor: FCC issues ‘lighting fixture’ citation

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FCC Enforcement Monitor - .PDF file.

On 17 July 2013, the FCC issued a citation to the Caribe Federal Credit Union (CFCU) in San Juan, Puerto Rico for operating incidental radiators and causing harmful interference to licensed communications in violation of the FCC’s rules. The FCC’s investigation into this matter arose after receiving complaints of interference from an FCC licensee.

On 12 June, 2013, an agent of the FCC’s San Juan Office of the Enforcement Bureau used direction-finding techniques to determine that the interference, which was transmitting on 712.5mHz, originated from the CFCU building at 193-195 O’Neill Street, San Juan, Puerto Rico. After further testing, the FCC agent determined that the particular source of the transmission was the interior lighting on the highest ceiling in the building (fifteen light fixtures about 40 feet above the floor).

The following day, the FCC agent informed the CFCU’s operations manager about the interference and directed the CFCU to cease operation of the lighting fixtures, pending resolution of the interference. The agent reiterated the warning in an email to the CFCU over a week later on 24 June, 2013. On 25 June, 2013, after receiving renewed complaints, the agent conducted another site visit and again observed interfering transmissions from the CFCU building…

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