Bond Dickinson clicks with £98.3m turnover

If law firms had their own dating website, Dickinson Dees and Bond Pearce would prove love at first byte. Never mind the fact that geographically the firms are almost mirror-images – Bond Pearce in the South West and Dickinson Dees in the North East – when it comes to financials this is as close a marriage of equals as you can get.

But what does their love-in look like in numbers? The turnover for both Bond Pearce and Dickinson Dees grew in 2012/13, to £50.3m and £48m respectively. When two become one, this gives a combined turnover figure of £98.3m. Quite the match.

While so far the story is so good, it will take a bit longer to say if this marriage is about more than gold. In the meantime, new client Colgate Palmolive will no doubt keep Bond Dickinson’s gnashers pearly white for the holiday snaps.

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