Scalpels at the ready for Dewey’s London staff

After seeing the firm that employed them go up in smoke, Dewey & LeBoeuf staff will be pleased to be given the opportunity to put their former bosses under the spotlight.

Dewey’s UK staff have joined the list of potential creditors invited to grill the firm and its representatives at a meeting next week, with London employees receiving letters telling them their presence is “welcomed, but not required”.

The catch: the meeting is in New York. This is fine for a large proportion of creditors, but those letters sent out to London employees in late July are looking more and more like wasted paper now. A medal should go to anyone who bothers making the trip, especially given that the amount they’re likely to get back from the firm is probably eclipsed by the cost of a transatlantic flight.

Staff have also received forms to fill in for claiming cash back from the US LLP, which is separate from the London and Paris-based UK LLP, with 7 September the deadline.

The standard terminology for the invitation to the so-called 341 meeting is terse and brutal. Creditors may “examine the debtor”, which sounds rather painful, although it’s all good and proper because it’s under oath.

So long as the “examination” doesn’t involve scalpels and knives, New York chiefs can breathe easily.


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