Good afternoon, Madam…

Screw team-building days and schmoozing trips, the next decade of the legal market is going to look like an episode of British comedy Fonejacker.

Not dissimilar to the TV programme, which stars a prank caller who phones unsuspecting companies pretending to be different characters, Hampshire-based law firm Coffin Mew has hired a ‘secret shopping’ service to call its staff under the disguise of various clients.

The mystery shopping company, which will also ‘prank’ the firm’s competitors to see how they compare, remains hush-hush. But no doubt the person on the end of the line has high levels of job satisfaction. Could the mystery caller be the legal equivalent of flame-haired retail guru Mary Portas? Or have they been inspired by one of Fonejacker’s very own characters, be it hard-bargain driver Terry Tibbs or the beatboxing Jafooly?

We look forward to hearing the feedback (the firm has so far been ticked off for having a “clunky” telephone system, which has now been replaced), but until then we will hold on to the image of lawyers across Hampshire answering the phone to a ‘client’ who beatboxes.


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