Restructuring, insolvency and bankruptcy

When bankruptcy, restructuring, or insolvency appears and financial distress threatens a business, all parties desire a rapid resolution. Whether the challenge appears at headquarters or in a foreign jurisdiction, today’s global marketplace presents the decision-maker with a complex web of possible outcomes and legal strategies. Protecting your interests can be a daunting task when faced with conflicting economic interests, emotions and sometimes multiple legal systems and cultural norms. And it has never been more critical to be adroitly advised and flexibly responsive when considering which jurisdictions, laws and industry practices will result in the most ideal outcome.

Whether you are managing a real-estate portfolio, a distressed manufacturer or healthcare service provider; purchasing a weakened retail operation or struggling transportation business; or simply a trader of heavily discounted sovereign and institutional debt and other securities, you can rely on us to take the edge off your anxiety. Dentons’ lawyers in offices around the world possess a deep understanding of your markets, wherever you trade and invest.

We grasp the complexities of your industry, whether natural resources or technology-based; dependent upon the value of real estate or branded retail goods; manufacturing, transportation or service dependent; or a regulated monopoly. Side by side, we navigate intricate legal challenges and discover the best possible opportunities. Whether you need creative litigation or arbitration strategies, innovative negotiating tactics born from real-world experience or practical guidance in cross-border restructuring, we deliver the latest insights and known solutions so you can act with speed and confidence.

With a passion for identifying effective advocacy and representation, we become a dynamic force on your side. Together, we discover the best course of action in a high-stakes situation.

This information was sourced from the Dentons website.