Mikhail Ilyashev focuses on balance of competences for law firms at legal forum

At the X Annual Legal Forum ‘Development of the Legal Services Market in Ukraine — 2014’, Mikhail Ilyashev from Ilyashev & Partners spoke on the topic ‘Is there a happy medium: balance of competences as a development factor for a law firm’.

The event was organised by the Ukrainian Bar Association and opened by Pavlo Petrenko, the Ukrainian minister of justice. It took place at the Hotel InterContinental Kyiv, Ukraine.

Forum speakers included Oleg Makarov, managing partner, Vasil Kisil & Partners; Armen Khachaturyan, senior partner, Asters; Oksana Voinarovska, partner, Vasil Kisil & Partners; Alexey Kot, managing partner, Antika; Mikhail Ilyashev, managing partner, Ilyashev & Partners; Sergiy Svyryba, managing partner, Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners in Ukraine; Sergiy Koziakov, senior partner, Sergiy Koziakov & Partners; and Valentyn Gvozdiy, managing partner, Gvozdiy & Oberkovych.

According to Ilyashev, to be successful, a law firm must strike a balance between lawyers’ competencies and tasks.

He said: ‘Only a firm that has managed to preserve this kind of balance — I mean the balance between experienced lawyers and junior associates and between the number or lawyers and mandates undertaken by the firm — will be growing and successful and will not encounter external problems.’

Ilyashev believes an ideal law firm grows together with its employees, shifting to more complex tasks. In effect, however, a perfect balance is not something that can easily be achieved, so each law firm has to find its own balance between the ambitions of its partners, aspirations of its lawyers and the market. He said that everyone needs to back down a little, otherwise the firm will inevitably encounter ‘internal’ problems.