Firms must become truly agile in order to get the best out of workers, says Eversheds

Eversheds has commented on the Opportunity Now Project 28-40 Report, saying that agility is the key to retaining women in business.

John Heaps, chairman at Eversheds, said: ‘Opportunity Now’s 28-40 Report is a highly significant contribution to the ongoing gender diversity debate. Among a number of important findings, the report shows that a homogenised approach to developing the careers of women is unrealistic — one size does not fit all.

‘Businesses need to address the needs of the different “personas” of women identified in the report in order to create an environment where women can develop and progress their careers. This may be through flexible working, mentoring or additional training, but the key message here is that businesses need to become truly agile in order to get the best out of women, and men, in their talent pool and recognise that aspirations and needs change as careers develop.’