Eversheds promotions down a quarter on 2013

Eversheds has made up 12 lawyers in the UK and nine internationally, adding a total of 21 to its partnership with effect from tomorrow (1 May).

Last year Eversheds made up 28 lawyers, with more than 60 per cent of the new partners based outside the UK (30 April 2013).

This year the firm’s company commercial practice group saw the greatest number of promotions by a small margin with seven, litigation gained six, as did human resources, and two were made up in real estate.

Forty-eight per cent of this year’s promotions were in Eversheds’ international offices, with one made up in Belgium, one in China, three in Germany, one in Hong Kong, two in Poland and one in Sweden.

Half of the UK promotions were in the firm’s Manchester office, two were in Leeds and the remaining four were made up in Birmingham, Cardiff, London and Nottingham.

Just 14 per cent of the new partners are women, down considerably on last year when 32 per cent of the partners mde up were female.

A further seven lawyers were appointed as legal directors, four as counsel and there is one new operations director. 

Promotions in full:

Alexandra Watzlawek, human resources, Germany

Alistair Cree, company commercial, Manchester (UK)

Ben Jones, company commercial, London (UK)

Bernd Pirpamer, human resources, Germany

Chris Pickens, litigation, Manchester (UK)

David McGuirk, litigation, Manchester (UK)

Dr. Dirk Monheim, human resources, Germany

Gerard Karp, company commercial, Poland

Jack Cai, company commercial, China

James Hyde, litigation, Leeds (UK)

Jon Walters, human resources, Manchester (UK)

Lieven Devos, litigation, Belgium

Matthew Taylor, litigation, Manchester (UK)

Michael Buchanan, real estate, Manchester (UK)

Paweł Lipski, company commercial, Poland

Per Westman, human resources, Sweden

Sophie Robinson, company commercial, Nottingham (UK)

Steven Hacking, company commercial, Birmingham (UK)

Susan Samuel, real estate, Leeds (UK)

Tom Bray, human resources, Cardiff (UK)

Vishal Melwani, litigation, Hong Kong