Criminal defence

At IBB Solicitors, we provide expert representation for both individuals and businesses facing the challenges of criminal prosecution. Thanks to years of experience, expertise and an in-depth understanding of criminal law, our solicitors make sure you receive the best possible advice from the moment of arrest through to acquittal or appeals proceedings.

We provide a full range of defence services including:

  • Pre-interview advice
  • A 24-hour emergency service (call 0870 442 1500) for immediate representation upon arrest. You can also contact us free via Whatsapp on 07899 953415 or Blackberry messenger: PIN  287DA137
  • Representation for interviews under caution
  • Access to a highly experienced and qualified solicitor throughout the duration of your case
  • Case preparation
  • Expert representation at Magistrates and Crown Court hearings
  • Managing and even preventing investigations from proceeding to prosecution
  • Robust representation at every stage of the proceedings
  • Help in appeals against convictions, sentences or confiscation orders

Our criminal law team are experts in defending clients who have been accused of a wide range of charges including road traffic offences, theft, deception, fraud, money laundering and even murder. We have also dealt with investigations brought by a variety of enforcement organisations including the Health & Safety Executive, the Financial Services Authority, HMRC, Trading Standards and the Office of Fair Trading.

Further information on our defence services for individuals
Further information on our defence services for companies

Your trusted criminal law experts
We understand how distressing being accused of a crime can be, particularly if you have never been in trouble with the law before. Our solicitors are there to immediately provide you with the reassurance you need, and our multi-disciplinary teams can tackle situations that have both criminal and commercial aspects.

We are franchised by the Legal Aid Agency and are members of the Criminal Law Association. We also serve on the Serious Fraud and Very High Costs Cases panels, enabling us to be one of the few firms in the country with the ability to handle the most complex and challenging cases.

Call us now in complete confidence on 08456 381381 or for 24-hour immediate emergency representation on 0870 442 1500.

This information was sourced from the IBB Solicitors website.