Collyer Bristow’s Cohen speaks about rogue websites at ABA’s IP conference

Joe Cohen of Collyer Bristow’s intellectual property (IP) team was one of the speakers at the American Bar Association’s 29th Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference, which took place in Arlington, Virginia, from 2–4 April 2014.

Cohen was part of a panel of international lawyers at the session, ‘Shutting down rogue websites: international and domestic solutions’. His presentation was given from the perspective of the UK. Others on the panel spoke from the perspective of China, South America and the US.

The session, attended by more than 100 delegates, was moderated by Prof Christine Farley of the American University Washington College of Law.

Cohen outlined five remedies and strategies that are available to IP rights owners against operators of rogue websites:

  • Civil action for trademark and/or copyright and/or design right infringement
  • Nominet procedure to complain about an abusive domain name
  • Takedown notices to internet service providers
  • Payment disruption tactics
  • Police IP crime unit