Collyer Bristow enters challenge to raise money for spinal-cord research

With the support of the firm’s media and culture and sports teams, Collyer Bristow has entered into a 10-month-long challenge against six other companies including event organisers, engineers and outdoor clothing specialists to raise money for charity.

The challenge is organised by the charity Wings for Life, which funds spinal-cord research. Wings for Life is involved in a number of projects and clinical studies to try and mitigate the effects of spinal-cord injuries and to find ways to rehabilitate and improve the quality of life of those suffering from spinal-cord injury.

The charity is supported by Red Bull and the challenge is supported by the Formula 1 racing team Infiniti Red Bull Racing. For this reason, the challenge runs from February to November, roughly in line with the Formula 1 season. The aim is to raise at least £10,000 during this period. The total sum raised will go directly towards funding the charity’s work.

A core team of five from Collyer Bristow — Alex Blenkinsop, Aimee Stevens, Charles Braithwaite, Tim Lowles and Alex Cochrane — will be driving the fundraising efforts with support from the whole.