The Apprentice: you’re NOT fired

Each year The Apprentice takes TV audiences on a rollercoaster ride as they follow the fortunes of a bunch of ludicrously over-mouthy wannabe business tycoons.

The reality show has also kindly provided The Lawyer with plenty of material over the years. Remember our series of employment specialists commenting on each week’s developments?

That was good, but today’s news is frankly better, at least in terms of shock value. Though not, we suspect, for the person at the centre of the headline-grabbing legal row. As we report, the winner of the 2010 series, Stella English, has just lost her Employment Tribunal claim for constructive dismissal against TV tycoon in chief, Lord Alan “You’re fired/hired/fired” Sugar.

Strictly speaking that final ‘fired’ in M’lud’s name should itself get the boot, as the tribunal concluded that English’s was “a claim which should never have been brought” and that there was no basis for it as she had resigned from her position.

Now if only she’d done that on the telly it would have saved everyone a right lot of bovver, as Sugar would say. Probably.


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