Olswang and Social Enterprise Association launch SE partner programme in Singapore

Olswang and the Social Enterprise Association have launched the Social Enterprise Partner Programme. The programme provides a platform for social enterprises (SEs) and multinational corporations to achieve greater impact in their social programmes through mutual collaboration.

The Social Enterprise Partner Programme was developed to encourage companies to provide support and skills directly to SEs in Singapore as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes. This should enable them to share their business knowledge, technology and professional skills to create a more successful social enterprise industry in Singapore.

SEs are businesses, unlike charities, that count financial sustainability as one of their bottom lines alongside the fundamental social mission they were created for. They are distinguished from regular businesses by the fact they are not solely profit driven but are established to bring about social change.

These SEs can be companies, partnerships or co-operatives and the social needs they seek to address can be as diverse as environmental or heritage conservation, health and the work integration of ex-offenders, seniors or those with special needs.

Companies participating in the programme are invited to meet a range of SEs and choose to support those they feel an affinity with through by corporate volunteering and mentoring, for instance.

Olswang and Edible Gardens are currently working together on a new urban farm project, with Olswang adding support through volunteering, corporate connections, fundraising and general assistance to Edible Garden’s eco-friendly plans.