McDermott Expands its Big-Ticket Discovery Centre Solution

In response to sharply increased client demand, international law firm McDermott Will & Emery announced today a major expansion of its industry-leading Discovery and Dispute Services Centre, known in the legal community as the Firm’s “Discovery Centre.”

Specifically, over the past six months, the Firm has doubled the capacity of its custom-built document review center in Chicago for supervised document reviews and extended its reach into Silicon Valley, where McDermott recently opened a new review site in its Menlo Park office, thereby boosting its document review capabilities from 60 skilled attorney reviewers to 125.  This growth has catapulted the Discovery Centre to a position where it has worked on more than 300 matters in tandem with ten other practice groups across the Firm.

“What began as a good idea three years ago has now become a powerful engine of business growth for the Firm,” said Jeffrey Stone, co-chair of McDermott Will & Emery.  “We’re very proud of the success that Geof Vance and his team have achieved in such a short time.  Our Discovery Centre is a great example of a win-win, where the client benefits because we’re able to do the work better and cheaper, and McDermott benefits because we’re able to keep the work that most other law firms seem to be hiring outside vendors to perform.” 

The growth of McDermott’s Discovery Centre is also a reflection of the Firm’s commitment to innovation, added Peter J. Sacripanti, co-chair of McDermott Will & Emery.  “Large-scale document review is not just limited to litigation anymore,” he observed.  With the Discovery Centre, McDermott is able to provide the same know-how, client service and efficiencies associated with our litigation document review projects to all of the other types of projects handled by our non-litigation practice groups.  “Due diligence, internal investigations, compliance audits and governmental second requests are all areas where the Discovery Centre has been able to substantially lower the clients’ costs and risks,” Sacripanti noted, “while providing the same level of excellent client service that McDermott is known for.”

“There’s no magic to our success, but it wasn’t easy, either,” said Vance, the partner tapped by Stone and Sacripanti to lead the Discovery Centre group.  “We hire great attorneys and technology professionals and use sophisticated software to improve the quality of each project while minimizing the information that must be reviewed and reducing the related costs. Our combination of good people and technology has very often resulted in an increase in the speed of a project of 250 percent, translating to markedly shorter project times and significantly lower bills for real projects brought to us by real clients.” 

“After just over two years of operation, McDermott’s Discovery Centre has delivered the tangible results and bottom-line cost benefits that other firms can only dream about,” added Vance. “They promise, but we deliver.  And, we’re still not satisfied.  We are always looking for ways to elevate our talent and upgrade our technology as part of our continual quest to provide better, less expensive and faster results for our clients.”