Fighting counterfeit trade in Dubai

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There is an area in one of the older districts in the emirate of Dubai that is well known for an abundance of ‘genuine fakes’ (as the vendors refer to it), ranging from Swiss watches and smartphones to practically all conceivable brands of high-end fashion goods. This area — Al Karama — is in fact so well known that it is referenced in a number of travel publications as a place of interest for visitors to Dubai.

At the end of 2012 it came to the attention of the legal team of world famous French designer Mr. Christian Louboutin that his distinctive Red Sole shoes have not been spared the interest of counterfeit traders in Dubai and specifically the Al Karama market. Developing and executing a strategy to understand the extent of the problem and addressing the sale of counterfeit goods in the Dubai market was critical to Mr. Christian Louboutin…

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