Expansionist Olswang re-elects CEO Stewart for second term

Olswang chief executive officer David Stewart has been re-elected for a second three-year term, effective from 1 May.

Stewart said that while his current three-year period as CEO had been characterised by accelerated growth at Olswang, the next three years would provide the media, telecoms and technology-focused firm with more opportunities to grow.

David Stewart
David Stewart

“Through continued investment in key client relationships and our core sector focus we’ll deliver better services more efficiently, living up to our distinctive brand,” added Stewart.

During Stewart’s tenure as CEO, Olswang has seen a wave of international expansion, with the firm opening offices in Singapore in early 2012 (9 September 2011), Paris (2 February 2011) and Munich (7 July 2011) in 2011 and Madrid (15 June 2010) in 2010.

Since 2010 Olswang’s revenues have increased by 19 per cent while aveage profit per equity partner has grown by 26 per cent.

Olswang senior partner Mark Devereux said: “David’s re-election is a direct consequence of the clarity of his vision for Olswang and the results he has brought in his first term as CEO. The overwhelming vote in a high turnout poll demonstrates the partners’ confidence in David’s abilities.”

Prior to being elected CEO in 2010 (10 March 2010), Stewart was Olswang’s managing partner, a role he assumed in 2007.

As CEO, Stewart will chair the firm’s executive committee, which will be charged with implementing the firm’s strategy and managing the business.