Because you’re worth it

It’s never been polite to talk salary. Even among friends, talking about how much you earn is a bit like putting a banana peel on the floor and waiting for someone to slip. You find out their whack is too much or too little and suddenly the world seems a little less fair.

Nevertheless, most of us remain fascinated with who earns what, where and why. We know it won’t be good to ask, but still can’t help but want the answer. A bit like eating a microwavable hamburger or bringing a Furby to work, if you will.

Cue this week’s story on rising in-house salaries (FYI, southerners still get more) and salary outrage across the land. According to new data, the earning potential for in-house lawyers with one-to-five years PQE is at its best in the southern Home Counties of Sussex, Kent, Surrey and Berkshire, where salaries average between £48,000 and £76,000, and its worst in Yorkshire, where they average between £40,500 to £55,000.

Perhaps its time those of you in Yorkshire scattered a few banana peels around Kent. That’ll show ‘em.

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