The University of Law (ULaw) has pledged to refund the Legal Practice Course (LPC) fees of students who fail to secure employment within nine months of graduation.

Previously, ULaw promised to reimburse LPC graduates with 50 per cent of their fees if they failed to find employment within the ‘legal and commerce fields’ after nine months of graduating. It extended this promise to Graduate Diploma in Law students in August last year.

The university has now added an additional sweetener, saying that in addition to refunding half the LPC fees, the other half can be used as credit towards another postgraduate course at ULaw or its business school De Broc. The offer applies to July and August 2016 LPC starters.

There are naturally some hefty terms and conditions attached. Ulaw defines employment within legal or commerce as “full-time or part-time employment in the UK or elsewhere, either: in legal fields, being a period of recognised training as a trainee solicitor, lawyer, paralegal, legal secretary or other legal professional; or an occupation which appears in major groups 1 to 4 of the Standard Occupational Classification 2010 Index as set out by the Higher Education Statistics Agency.” Major groups 1 to 4 include occupations ranging from senior managers to clerical and secretarial work.

The university states that 97 per cent of its LPC students find employment within nine months of graduating, but not does elaborate on what constitutes employment.

In the last few years a number of employability promises have been offered to postgrad students in the competitive law school market. In 2013, ULaw’s big rival BPP began offering students who did not obtain legal employment in the six months after graduation a free place on another course.