RPC will send its future trainees to study at the University of Law (ULaw) from September 2017.

The City firm has chosen the University as its sole provider of the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL), Legal Practice Course (LPC) and MSc in Law, Business and Management.

It had previously sent its future trainees to BPP Law School.

RPC training principal Simon Hart said: “We are very enthusiastic about the prospects for our new partnership with ULaw. As RPC continues to respond to the rapidly changing legal market, as well as the forthcoming radical reforms to legal education, we were looking for a partner in the education sector who reflected our own desire to be progressive and forward thinking. With ULaw, we believe we have found that partner. ULaw has demonstrated an impressive commitment to understanding our needs and working with us to develop our future legal talent.”

The battle between ULaw and BPP for exclusive deals with law firms intensified following Kaplan’s withdrawal from the legal education market in 2015.

The long-serving dean and CEO of BPP, Peter Crisp, left the law school after 20 years at the end of June.

The GDL and LPC will be taught for the next few years before gradually being phased out entirely following the introduction of the SRA’s new ‘super-exam’.

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