Pinsent Masons is retaining 80 per cent of its qualifying trainees this autumn.

With 59 qualifiers, it is the firm with the biggest intake to report its retention so far. Of the 59, 47 are staying with Pinsents. One of those is on a fixed term contract.

The result marks a return to form for the firm, which has suffered from lower-than-usual retention in the last two rounds.

Pinsent Masons retention 2016

Deborah McCormack, the firm’s head of recruitment and graduate development, said: “I’m pleased that our retention rates are back in line with their historic norm. We offer an attractive environment for NQs and are committed to retaining the great new talent that we have entering the firm.”

Meanwhile, RPC has adjusted its retention figure after realising it had left one trainee out of its calculations.

A firm spokesperson said the figures in its initial announcement were based on its September qualifiers; but forgot to count one of the 2014 trainee intake who completed their training contract early, qualifying and leaving RPC in March 2016.

The result means RPC’s final retention is 14 out of 21 (67 per cent) rather than 14 out of 20.

RPC retention 2016