Macfarlanes has raised its salaries for trainees, a month after similar hikes in pay for newly-qualified (NQ) lawyers.

From the start of this September, a first-year trainee will receive £44,000, rising 5 per cent from £42,000.

Second year trainees will enjoy an uplift of nearly 7 per cent, increasing from 46,000 to £49,000.

Last week, Macfarlanes revealed it is keeping on all of its 25 qualifiers, though only 23 of them are on permanent contracts. Two are being kept on a fixed-term contract.

Increases in trainee pay follows a significant rise in NQ remuneration, which was announced at the start of last month.

Macfarlanes said it will pay NQs a minimum of £81,300, up 15 per cent from £71,000. High performing NQs could earn up to £90,000 under the firm’s bonus system.

The firm had a strong 2016/17 financial year, with average profit per equity partner rising nearly 8 per cent from £1.29m to £1.38m. Revenue nudged up 4 per cent from £161m to £167.6m.