Leigh Day has suspended two paralegals after they were accused of touting for work among the victims of the Grenfell fire disaster.

The SRA bans solicitors “proactively approaching potential clients in person in a bid to increase business.”

The Times newspaper reported that a poster with the title ‘Free Legal Support’, including the two paralegals’ names and a non-work email address was put up close to the tower in the wake of the fire that ravaged the building last month.

The Times reported that the poster said: “Our aim is to help you kick-start any potential insurance claims and review any complex documents… we do not charge for the assistance we provide. However, a third party may charge for their services.”

In response, Leigh Day said in a Tweet that it had no prior knowledge of the paralegals’ activity and that they had been suspended while an investigation took place.

The Law Society pointed to North Kensington Law Centre as a place where people affected by the fire can get advice for free.

The Society’s president Joe Egan said: “People bereaved, injured or made destitute by the fire in Grenfell Tower are likely to be forced to navigate a huge range of difficult and unfamiliar legal issues as a result of the tragedy. Early, impartial, reliable legal advice is hugely important at such times.

“We hope that by signposting trusted sources of legal advice and providing some clarity about what support residents can access we may make this process just a little easier.”

“North Kensington Law Centre, which is adjacent to Grenfell Tower, continues to provide expert legal advice to Grenfell residents in daily clinics, as it has done since immediately after the fire.”