The University of Law’s new “enhanced” Bar Professional Training Course will cost less than BPP’s normal one, it has emerged.

Last December, the University of Law (ULaw) launched a new “enhanced” LLM BPTC with a Master’s degree attached to it. At the same time, it dropped prices for its standard no-frills BPTC by 8 per cent.

It has now emerged that ULaw will charge £18,750 for the LLM BPTC in London and £15,750 Birmingham and Leeds.

In London, that is less than it used to charge for its old, no-frills, BPTC. And it is also less than what BPP is charging for the bar course with no LLM attached.

In response, BPP has frozen its BPTC fees for 2017/18, but the course will still cost £19,070 in London and £15,680 in its regional centres in Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.

Among the other providers, Manchester Metropolitan University has also frozen its BPTC fees. They remain at £14,480.

The biggest hikes in BPTC fees came at Cardiff and Northumbria Universities. Both put the price of the course up by 6 per cent.

City Law School, Bristol Law School (part of the University of the West of England), and Nottingham Law School (part of Nottingham Trent) have also raised their BPTC fees.

However, the price freezes at BPP and Manchester Met, along with the reduced fees at ULaw, means that the average cost of the standard BPTC across all providers has actually fallen slightly this year, from £15,640 to £15,568.

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