We are not alone

It seems there aren't enough names to go around the City these days, and Tulkinghorn is amazed – not to mention a little confused – by the number of lawyers who are forced to share them.
For clarification purposes, therefore, here are the main offenders: Jeremy Parr at Linklaters and Jeremy Parr at A&O; Graham White at Linkaters and Graham White at Slaughter and May; Nigel Ward at Norton Rose and Nigel Ward at Ashursts… and that's just the tip of the iceberg.
The Lawyer's picture researchers are at their wits end trying to work out who is who; the Jeremys are particularly problematic because they are inconsiderate enough to do similar jobs and even look alike. Even The Lawyer isn't infallible in such circumstances. All those partners whose name is already used by someone else should be forced to change it by deed poll, or at least get a different haircut from that of their namesake.