KLegal asks associates for strategic advice

KPMG-tied firm KLegal is carrying out a strategic review, which is designed to make business planning and budgeting more inclusive

In the wake of redundancies, which saw 20 fee-earners and 42 support staff axed, KLegal managing partner Nick Holt has also warned that partner redundancies are planned. In this climate, an inclusive approach to strategy is being seen as an attempt to raise morale and inspire loyalty.
Unlike previous reviews, the management this year will ask for contributions from associates and support staff as well as partners, looking at the firm's values and culture as well as its practice areas. Workshops are being held up and down the country, where all members of staff are being asked to share their thoughts.
Holt told The Lawyer: “This proves we want people to be involved in determining the steps of the firm. We think this is a good thing to do.”
This is the first planning exercise to be done since the merger with McGrigor Donald. Holt said that the changes are being seen as positive within the firm.
“Normally management does most of the planning, but there's business sense in spreading it wider,” he added.