Deloittes tipped for U-turn on legal arm with Andersen hire

Terol, who was promoted to area manager for Western Europe for Andersen in March 2001, has been in limbo since Andersen collapsed under Enron-related liabilities earlier this year.
Terol was formerly managing partner of Garrigues, Andersen's old law firm in Spain. Terol is working out of Garrigues' offices but has not gone back into the Spanish firm's partnership.
It is understood that Deloittes will ask Terol to look at expanding its legal presence in various jurisdictions, including the UK. This is despite the fact that Andersen Legal's English law firm Garretts was left out of the deal when Deloittes took on Andersen's UK accounting practice.
One reason for its exclusion is that Deloittes audits a large number of law firms in the UK and there was a concern that the accountancy firm would lose business by taking a law firm on.
But The Lawyer understands that Deloittes' US management would not be averse to a UK merger with a law firm much larger than Garretts.