A firm stance

How to annoy a lawyer, part 355. Yes, it's you, external PR man (or woman) yet again. For years Tulkinghorn has stewed in silent anger at reading press reports of a 'law company' doing this or that. Even the broadsheets have, in the past, been guilty of this cardinal sin. But in more recent times Tulkinghorn has been pleasantly surprised by a marked improvement. By and large, press releases arriving on his desk might be exceedingly dull with no discernible point, let alone something of newsworthy value, but at least they have described their client law firm as just that, a firm.
Unfortunately, this blissful period was shattered last Wednesday when a release concerning Picton Howell, a London-based firm, arrived. It informed us of the launch of the Picton Howell International Legal Prize 2003, explaining: “The new scheme is designed to encourage law students and young lawyers to competitively pitch their skills for financial prizes and the chance to work in a law company [sic].”
Sorry, but enough is enough – naming and shaming of all future offenders starts here, with you Voicebox PR. Your punishment for this heinous crime is to submit a 3000-word essay on the difference between a firm and a company. The deadline is tomorrow.