Withering heights

London outpost in the Gherkin. Tulkinghorn’s scribes were eager to attend and learn the truth about the battle straight from the partners themselves.

But no! What’s this? It transpires that representatives of this esteemed publication were no longer welcome. Yes, in what is believed to be an unprecedented move, The Lawyer had been “officially uninvited” from the party.

Watson Burton‘s mouthpiece, Tulkinghorn believes his name is John Dunnie, explained the dis-invitation was down to last week’s (2 October) back page, which caused offence by predicting that construction head Rob Langley would take the reins at the firm. Two days later the firm announced its new managing partner: Rob Langley.

The Lovells abseil, in aid of charities Save the Children and Fairbridge, was perhaps the bizarrest thing any of Tulkinghorn’s minions have ever done first thing on a Monday morning, and they have had some pretty strange breakfast meetings to kick off the week.

Senior partner John Young led the way in style. There were no Basil Fawlty-esque shenanigans on the way down – Young knew what he was doing.

“I’ve done it a thousand times before,” he said. But presumably not down the side of his own office? Tulkinghorn’s gallant scribe’s descent followed that of disputes partner Jeremy Cole, who was also as cool as a cucumber. It made one rather glad for the presence of a number of associates, including Nicola Dunbar and Emma Clarke, and secretary Jo Palmer, who all seemed to be just as nervous as the poor scribe.

After the initial panic of hanging off the edge, the hack felt much more at home when he looked into one office as he was flashing by and saw the latest issue of The Lawyer lying open.

Swooping past meeting rooms and offices was a truly wonderful experience with Lovells’ lawyers all happily waving, but the most welcome sight was the bottom and the lovely glass of bubbly that was waiting.