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Parole Board decision quashed on grounds of procedural unfairness

In R(Grinham) v the Parole Board of England & Wales and the Secretary of State for Justice [2020] EWHC 2140 (Admin) the High Court quashed a decision of the Parole Board where it found that a prisoner’s oral hearing and a subsequent decision, refusing his release, had been marred by procedural unfairness.

Second package of Covid-19 related state aid measures adopted by the Serbian government

On its session held on 30 July 2020, the Serbian Government adopted the Conclusion no. 05 401-6052 / 2020 (the ”Conclusion” or ”Second Package”), which extends the application of the first package of direct and fiscal benefits to business entities in the private sector, that was introduced in the Decree on Fiscal Benefits and Direct Aid to Companies in the Private Sector and Monetary Aid to Citizens Aimed at Reducing Economic Consequences due to COVID-19 (the “First Package”).

GDPR and the Cayman Data Protection Law for Insurance Managers (and clients)

The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, or GDPR, is a set of EU regulations aimed at the protection of personal data and privacy of natural persons (not corporations) based within the EU. The GDPR has extraterritorial effect in that it applies to the processing of personal data of persons who are situated in the EU […]

Merck vs MSD – When is online use considered use in Switzerland?

In its landmark decision of 29 April 2020, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court held that the online use of a trademark or other sign must have a commercial effect in Switzerland for such use to be considered use in Switzerland. A global website targeted at a worldwide audience may have a commercial effect in Switzerland.

Antitrust Review 2021 – Portugal

This article summarises the legislative developments and the main investigations carried out during 2019 by the Portuguese Competition Authority (PCA).


Reynolds wins joint venture deal

Reynolds Porter Chamberlain has snatched a lucrative deal from under the noses of leading media firm Wiggin & Co. The deal is a joint venture between digital studio kpe and television production company Hat Trick Productions. For the Hat Trick deal, kpe instructed Wiggin & Co. However, before the deal was completed the company dropped […]


Issuer: British TelecommunicationsAdviser to issuer: Linklaters & Alliance on UK law

Getting in a state

First, the US firms in London targeted the rainmaker partners. Then came the salary war, and the battleground moved to the ranks of the assistants. Now it seems they are taking the fight to the universities, wooing trainees before the UK firms have so much as introduced themselves. Research undertaken by The Lawyer shows that […]

Capital markets issuers dictate underwriters’ firms

Companies are increasingly calling the shots on which lawyers banks can use for capital markets transactions. According to research by The Lawyer, law firms acting for the underwriters of capital markets transactions are increasingly being picked by the issuers and not the banks. Companies which regularly tap the capital markets are choosing law firms that […]


Morgan Stanley completes $462m (£317.3m) loan for six limited partnerships part-owned by MEPC and Westfield. Morgan Stanley advised by Denton Wilde Sapte (Mark Menhennet), MEPC advised by Linklaters, Westfield advised by Nabarro Nathanson.

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