Marsons homes in on Woolwich housing deal

THE KENT firm Marsons has won a contract to handle the sale of 500 new Woolwich building society homes.

Marsons was awarded the contract for the work which was put out to tender by the building society's subsidiary Woolwich Homes.

The society's move to outsource the work followed its earlier decision to end its involvement in the home building industry.

The firm has hired former Woolwich in-house lawyer Jane Dempster to handle the new contract. She was snapped up after the outsourcing prompted her redundancy from the company.

Brian Marson, senior partner at Marsons, said the contract was in the six-figure range and would provide the firm with around a year's worth of work.

He stressed the job was not limited to conveyancing and would involve other legal work associated with housing developments such as negotiating sewerage and water rights with local authorities.

“We see this as a tremendous business opportunity for us – most firms who do this type of work have done it for a number of years,” said Marson.

“We will be looking to develop our work in this field.”