Litigation Writs 10/10/95

A New Addington man who lost most of his right hand in an accident at work last year has launched an action against his former employer, EE Brown of Croydon. The accident, in which Gerald Taylor, 33, trapped his right hand in the jaws of a machine used for cellophane wrapping bread rolls, happened on 3 July last year. Taylor underwent six operations but lost four fingers and part of the palm of his hand. The writ says he has been left permanently crippled, his working potential has been reduced and he does not now play the sports he used to.

Writ issued by McMillan Williams, London. T855

Leeds Health Authority has launched High Court action over a £293,000 diagnostic

X-ray system it claims is faulty. It is claiming damages from Phoenix Imaging Systems, of Chertsey, Surrey, and its guarantors, General Utilities, of London SW1, in respect of the equipment. The writ says the system has failed to perform satisfactorily and numerous faults have emerged.

Writ issued by Yorkshire Health Legal Services, Harrogate. L1417

An Eastbourne mother whose son made several unsuccessful suicide bids before hanging himself at a London hospital is now suing the health authority she blames for the tragedy. Frank de Kerckhove hanged himself at the Atkinson's Morley Hospital, Wimbledon, on 2 July 1990, nearly two months after losing a leg when he tried to commit suicide by throwing himself under a tube train. Now Barbara de Kerckhove is suing Merton Sutton and Wandsworth Health Authority for damages for the effects she says her son's death has had on her.

Writ issued by Rix & Kay, Uckfield, East Sussex. D721

A woman from Havant, Hampshire, is being sued for damages after allegedly selling her company car and going on a spending spree with the company's credit card. Lateq Aviation, of Buriton, Hampshire, has issued a High Court writ claiming £15,423 from personal assistant Jacqueline Fance-Wheeler. The writ says that after she resigned, the company wrote asking Fance-Wheeler to return the car and credit card but that, in breach of her agreement, she disposed of the car, worth £12,500. It alleges she failed to return the credit card and had used it for unauthorised spending.

Writ issued by Freedman Crossick, London. L1399

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