Litigation Personal Injury 10/10/95

Martindale v Post Office – QBD 11 July 199Claimant: Anthony Martindale, 3Accident: Fall after slipping on patch of oil while crossing yard of post office where plaintiff worked as postman

Injuries: Injuries to back resulting in constant back pain, restricted lumbar spine movement, ability to raise straight leg limited – difficulty in playing pre-accident sports of football and cricket

Award: Agreed damages of £90,000

Judge: Judge Wilcox

Plaintiff's solicitors: Simpson Millar (London)

Defendant's solicitors: Post Office legal department

Dixon v Grieveson – QBD 7 July 199Claimant: Barbara Dixon, 5Accident: Pedestrian knocked over by car

Injuries: Severe closed head injury, fractures of left clavicle, comminuted fractures of pubic rami, fracture of neck of left fibula, lacerations to scalp and left eyebrow, multiple abrasions to left leg. Cranial scan revealed left frontal and temporal lobe contusions. Left frontal craniotomy with partial left frontal and left temporal lobectomies carried out to treat haematomas. Left with permanent serious memory impairment and is dysphasic, has suffered number of grand mal fits and has to take anti-epileptic medication. Continues to suffer dizziness and unsteadiness on feet, easily depressed and suffers from anxiety and difficulty performing many everyday tasks. Permanently unfit for work, unable to go out alone – husband gave up work to look after her.

Award: £350,000 structured settlement

Judge: Mr Justice May

Plaintiff's solicitors: Cunningham John & Co (Thetford)

Defendant's solicitors: Hewitson Beche & Shaw

Hearn v Barking, Havering and Brentwood Health Authority – QBD 7 July 1995

Claimant: Paul Leslie Hearn, 4Accident: Failure to diagnose Beurgers disease during treatment for leg injury received in motorcycle accident in Crete

Injuries: Plaintiff, a self-employed roofer, said to have suffered three months of unnecessary pain and worry before conditions correctly diagnosed. Finally underwent below-knee amputation of right leg and two further operations for revision of stump and skin graft. Permanently unable to return to pre-injury occupation, unable to play pre-injury sports of squash and tennis, difficulty with mobility

Award: £91,811 agreed damages

Judge: Mr DA Poole QC sitting as deputy judge

Plaintiff's solicitors: Taylor Joynson Garrett (London)

Defendant's solicitors: Scrivener Leabrook (St Neots)