Slip of the tongue

To Tulkinghorn’s delicate ears the native language of the United States of America has little to do with English proper. He notes that our Yankee cousins are much more upfront about expressing themselves and do not mind what people think.

The above sign, spotted by one of Tulkinghorn’s roving spies during a jaunt on the West Coast of the US, is just one example of the cultural divide that leaves Americans and the English blinking uncomprehendingly at each other across the Atlantic.

Tulkinghorn should thank Associated Newspapers’ in-house lawyer Adam Cannon for the photo. Cannon says he saw it while attending a law conference in San Francisco and “thought it may be of amusement to your readers”.

Tulkinghorn suspects, however, that Cannon has the sign outside his house to warn private practice firms against pitching him for work at weekends.