China and hong kong

Alongside the undoubted benefits the Beijing Olympics will bring to the population of China’s capital city, there are downsides for those who find themselves in the way of the huge Olympic project.

Changes to the city’s infrastructure, which involve the highest number of venues in the history of the competition, have seen the reclamation of large areas of land. Although not unusual in the run up to the games, the large numbers involved and lack of recourse for the affected homeowners and businesses have put the country’s eviction and compensation procedures under the spotlight.

Elsewhere in this Hong Kong and China Special Report, we look at China’s new anti-monopoly law. The new rules, which focus on the nation’s domestic companies, have been unanimously welcomed by foreign investors as a step in the right direction for the country’s economic progress. But questions still remain over the detail and implementation of the regulations, which must be settled if they are to prove effective.