Rouse & Co buys patent agents and plans Munich launch

Intellectual property consultancy Rouse & Co International has acquired White & Associates, a firm of patent agents based in Yorkshire, and has announced plans to open an office in Munich this year.
Patent agent Nick White, the former owner of White & Associates, remains a director of Rouse Patents, the new name for his company, which is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Rouse & Co.
“We aim to offer a European centre of excellence for patent procurement work, which is essentially patent drafting and prosecution,” said White, who has also been appointed an executive shareholder of Rouse & Co and head of global patent filing services at Rouse Patents.
The firm has acquired office space in Munich, home of the European Patent Office, and has recruited a German patent attorney, who will be joining within the next few months.
White has been working with Rouse & Co for about a year. Prior to launching his own business he worked at DLA and in-house at ExxonMobil.