DLA rejig sees management board role come up for grabs

A place has become available on the DLA management board following today’s (9 June) announcement that Alastair Da Costa is to give up his position to take over as head of corporate.

At DLA it is not possible for a practice head or an office managing partner (OMP) to also hold a seat on the eight-strong management board, so Da Costa will step down and will be replaced following an election.

Da Costa, who has been on the board for three years, has relinquished his position to take over from Bruce Westbrook as head of corporate.

Westbrook, in turn, will return to fee-earning. “After five years in the job and having overseen from a corporate perspective our development in the UK, as well as our expansion in Asia and Europe, I’ve decided to go back to a fee-earning role before I’m considered too old to do so,” he said.

The management board position will be open to all equity partners other than OMPs or practice heads, who will be able to nominate themselves for the job. The election process and appointment of Da Costa’s successor should be completed by the end of the month.

The management board currently consists of seven DLA members and one external director.