You reap what you ‘know’

The plot is thickening at the Freshfields age discrimination hearing. Yesterday (10 July) we had cartoon heroes. Today we have talk of a conspiracy theory.

As we report today, it was claimed that Freshfields ‘knew’ the risks of mixing its pension reforms with its partnership restructuring, dubbed ‘Size and Shape’. See story.

This afternoon co-senior partner Guy Morton and managing partner Peter Jeffcote are being questioned, so keep checking for details.

Meanwhile, there is another case that won’t go away. This is the by now frankly ancient Law Society case against Freshfields over the M&S bid (you know, the one that makes Jarndyce look animated), which now has a date.

And that date is slap-bang in the middle of the school holidays on Thursday 2 August. Minimum press coverage? Hardly likely – but no doubt maximum inconvenience for the participants. We predict lots of rearranging of holidays.