God's game or clods' game?

Osborne Clarke is a bit miffed that Rowe & Maw is taking the credit for the most ambitious law firm advertising campaign to date ('Rowe & Maw: Lawyers for business', appearing on the hoardings of the Greece England football match).
Osborne Clarke's managing partner Leslie Perrin says his firm has also sponsored international sports. It paid £6,000 for the hoardings by the side of a rugby match between England and the US in California. The catchphrase ran 'EU law CA time'.
But rugby? In America? Surely, this was not the most astute advertising campaign from the firm that has just won Management Team of the Year at the glamour event of the year, The Lawyer Awards 2001 (once again, oh boy, what a night).
Tulkinghorn put it to Perrin that perhaps the viewing figures might be – how should one phrase this? – a little bit rubbish. “Bugger the viewing figures, I was there,” bellowed Perrin. Well, that's one way of looking at it.