Glad to be grey

Most people would be happy to be told they look young, but Tulkinghorn knows of a partner at a Chinese firm who is an exception.

Perhaps Wang,  like Gandalf, will become even wiser with a white mane
Perhaps Wang, like Gandalf, will become even wiser with a white mane

One of the great man’s spies recently discussed life, love and everything with Jack Wang of King & Wood when ’the age thing’ came up. She was surprised to discover the lawyer was just 35, despite his head of grey hair.

“Chinese people are known for looking younger than their ages,” revealed Wang. “But for a lawyer, it’s a disadvantage. The perception is that older lawyers are wiser, so I dyed my hair grey. It’s why judges and lawyers have to wear wigs in courts in the UK, isn’t it?”

The Chinese legal profession may be in its infancy, but lawyers such as Wang are clearly already willing to go the extra mile for their clients.

An open and shut case

Rolls Building-related hilarity shows no sign of letting up. As readers will recall, the 21st century solution to the High Court’s Dickensian image has been found to be riddled with design faults.

But now Tulkinghorn has learned that the calamities don’t end with the fabric of the building. They also extend to the blurb with which the creaking edifice is associated.

Last year the very first line of the announcement from the Royal Courts of Justice about the opening of the building read: “On the 7 December the Rolls Building will be closed due to the official opening ceremony.” As one eminent silk commented: “That tells you all you need to know about the Rolls Building.”

That’s no-show business

Who’s the coolest lawyer in London? Surely Julian Turton, name partner at media and entertainment boutique Swan Turton.
Late last year Turton was invited to one of the hottest pre-Christmas tickets, the Hillsborough benefit at the Scala in Kings Cross starring 1990s rockers The Farm, the Mighty Wah’s Pete Wylie and – wait for it – The Clash’s Mick Jones.

But Turton, in demand as ever, was unable to make the show. So rock royal Jones invited him to the soundcheck. The result? Turton got himself a private audience, complete with rock star hug, at one of the year’s most anticipated sell-out shows.
Nice work if you can get it.

Sailing buy

It’s the New Year, and already most London commuters are feeling jaded by the daily grind. Except for those whose trip to the office each day is aboard the Henley, the 100-plus-year-old boat that plies its watery trade between Putney and Blackfriars and that had its future secured over Christmas by lawyers at Bristows. It’s a tale so heart-warming that Tulkinghorn himself was moved.

The story unfolds thus. Towards the end of last year the prospect of west London’s sole river taxi service being scuttled loomed when Thames Executive Charters berthed for good. All looked lost, with rising costs risking the jobs of all hands.

But Complete Pleasure Boats (CPB) made a bid for the Putney to Blackfriars run after a group of City river commuters lent a hand.

Among them was Bristows commercial IP partner Fiona Nicolson who, with public procurement partner Hazel Grant and trainee Scott Allardyce, helped CPB win the bid and save the day.