Tulkinghorn: Getting on famously

Now that the identity of The Stig has been revealed on Top Gear, the world needs a new motoring hero – and Tulkinghorn has found him.

Tulkinghorn: Getting on famouslyIdentity ­crisis

Now that the identity of The Stig has been revealed on Top Gear, the world needs a new motoring hero – and Tulkinghorn has found him.

But which lawyer is behind the helmet? Email suggestions to tulkinghorn @thelawyer.com and you’ll get a mention next week.

Here are some clues: this person is male and works in-house. The urbane
49-year-old routinely clambers behind the wheel of a Porsche 924 to hurtle around racetracks at speeds of more than 100mph.

This lawyer is one of just 25 drivers who are qualified to race in a UK motoring league called the BRSCC Porsche 924 Championship. Donning fireproof overalls and a helmet, the lofty lawyer hurtles around tracks ranging from Brands Hatch to Silverstone.

The mystery man always wanted to fulfill his urge to race. “After 20 years of watching, I suddenly thought ‘Is there a reason I can’t do this?’,” said the legal Stig. “I passed the various medicals, written and practical tests and now I love it. You get a real sense of pushing boundaries.”

So who is it, then?

Mad hatters

Tulkinghorn never leaves home without his bowler hat
– he is a traditionalist, after all. But now the lawyers at Hunton & Williams are urging everyone to wear a bowler hat for charity on Friday 13 ­February.

The picture shows partners from DLA Piper’s London office, who have already got into the swing of things.

Bowler Hat Day will end when the bowler-wearers get together for a Friday pint at the Bowler Hatters’ Party at Leadenhall Market from 5:30pm. Tulkinghorn may well put in an appearance.

Partying shots

The Paul Hastings Seven held their leaving do from Cadwalader at Davy’s winebar last week.

For those of you who haven’t been paying ­attention, the Paul ­Hastings Seven is a group of seven Cadwalader ­partners who are on the verge of being sued by the firm for daring to leave it. It seems that leaving isn’t in the ­partnership ­agreement.

Anyway, former ­managing partner Bob Link, who has been flown in to ­resurrect the office and presumably threaten to sue the pants off anyone else who wants to leave, made his first announcement in his bid to win the hearts and minds of those in the ­London office… and deemed the leaving party ­“inappropriate”.

The HR manager, fresh from delivering Link’s ­letters of intent, also thought it politic to remain absent. It is understood that everyone else had a jolly good knees up.

Getting on famously

Tulkinghorn believes that some people achieve fame while ­others have it thrust upon them. Monckton Chambers is experiencing a bit of both.

The celebrity set has just appointed a barrister called Robert Palmer, prompting one of ­Tulkinghorn’s scribes to look into just how many famous namesakes the chambers houses.

Monckton counts Alan Bates among its barristers, while Robbie Williams also works there under the guidance of senior clerk David Hockney.

The chambers’ press officer says that hiring ­people with famous names is “not part of our recruitment ­strategy”, but Tulkinghorn thinks they might as well face it, they’re addicted to fame.

Pray day

When preparing for an all-nighter there are a few possibilities. Some will order a strong coffee. ­Others will assemble the pizza menus. Others, according to a certain monthly legal organ, will visit their local drug dealer to stock up on cocaine.

But Slaughter and May does things differently. As the team assembled to hammer out the legal framework for Gordon Brown’s bailout of our ­ailing banks in October, partner Robert Byk led his team in prayer.

Tulkinghorn’s church visits have declined ­recently, but if there’s any time to be praying, it’s now.

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