Zini looks to Dinoia for protection

Gian Paola Zini, Parmalat’s infamous lawyer, has called in Massimo Dinoia (pictured), the former lawyer to Italy’s ‘Mr Clean’ to come to his defence. Dinoia advised Antonio Di Pietro, the former Italian magistrate who spearheaded major anti-corruption investigations
in the mid-1990s in a case against Silvio Berlusconi’s brother.

Zini is under arrest while Italian investigators look at the lawyer’s role in Parmalat, with a particular eye on millions of pounds in payments that were made by the company to Zini’s accounts.

A spokesperson from three-partner Zini & Associates told The Lawyer: “We don’t know what’s happening. As yet no decisions have been made.” Staff have already started to walk.

It is thought that Parmalat and its subsidiaries made up around 80 per cent of the firm’s overall workload.

Zini was a corporate partner at Pavia e Ansaldo before he launched his own firm in 2000. Pavia partner Francesco Lodigiani told The Lawyer at the time: “It’s a question of philosophy. Zini would like to establish something quite different from what we consider to be a traditional law firm.”