Irish firms sent race hate email from office of DPP

Director of Public Prosecutions investigates as poem attacking immigrants is emailed to Irish practices

Lawyers at Irish firms have received a race hate email which originated from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

This was not an official DPP communication, and the DPP is now investigating how the offensive item, which circulated on its internal email system, was sent out to the law firms.

The email, entitled ‘Immigrants Poem: At the Expense of the Irish Taxpayer’, which was first sent around the DPP office’s internal email system, is highly derogatory of immigrants to Ireland and was sent to top law firm Matheson Ormsby Prentice as well as small Dublin firm Roger Greene & Sons.

The poem is particularly offensive to refugees and portrays immigrants as arrogant colonisers of the country. It ends with a call to circulate the email to every Irish taxpayer.

The DPP, James Hamilton FC, has now launched an officewide investigation into the embarrassing incident.

“The DPP is taking the matter very seriously and it’s being investigated. There’s no further comment,” said a DPP spokesperson.

Mathesons also conducted its own investigation into the matter. Managing partner Donal Roche said: “We did receive the email. We were pleased but not surprised that in accordance with our stringent policies, the email was deleted by the staff member concerned. Our reaction to the content of the email is one of abject horror. We deplore racism in all its forms and those of us who were obliged to read the email in the course of our investigation were utterly appalled by its contents.”