Prog on the Tyne

Poor old Eversheds. Those pesky persistent rumours that it’s about to close its Newcastle office (followed by the equally persistent denials from the management that it’s not) refuse to go away.
Losing partners such as Andrew Davison, who joined local rival Robert Muckle last month, doesn’t help much either.

Thankfully, the rumour mill was shelved last week (at least temporarily) when the gritty business of law gave way to the glamour of TV. A new ITV1 drama set in Newcastle called Lawless (the producers must have seen the Bigg Market on a Friday night), plumped for the national firm’s office to shoot a scene described
by the luvvies as “crucial”. Thanks to a tip-off from business angels The Alchemists, whose Quayside office was apparently too
pokey, Eversheds’ Tyne Bridge-viewing boardroom got the gig.

In return the firm pocketed a £500 fee, which it big-heartedly passed on to charity.

On the day, the former Shoestring and current Waking the Dead star Trevor Eve, who stars in the show as DI John Paxton – “a trustworthy public servant and family man who finds himself a fugitive on the run from the law, fighting to clear his name after he is entangled in a web of intrigue and corruption” – mingled with the business development staff who helped make it happen.

Meanwhile, the usual gaggle of drama queens minced around making outrageous demands. But enough about the partners.

Apparently this isn’t the first time Eversheds’ glitzy office has been on the telly. Nine months ago, the Beeb picked it as the setting for The Politics Show, with special guest the lovely John Prescott. If the firm does decide to pull the Newcastle plug, at least it’s got a future on the box.